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2-year Associate Degree
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科学、数学、 & 工程
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Take Your Passion for Math to the Next Level

If math was your favorite subject in school, this degree track is perfect for you. Prepare to learn how mathematics principles are used to solve real-world problems.

Why Choose Germanna

This specialization under Germanna’s science degree allows you the opportunity to explore different math techniques and apply them to everyday scenarios. The upper-level coursework will adequately prepare you for transferring to a four-year school and starting your career.

职业生涯 Options for Science, Applied Mathematics Degree


  • Data Analyst: Analyze data using statistical techniques, implementing and maintaining databases, gathering data from primary and secondary sources, and analyzing and interpreting data trends.
  • Data Engineer: Develop, test, and maintain data pipelines and data architectures.
  • Financial Analyst: Analyze the past financial data of an organization to spot trends and assess risks, which lep predict outcomes for business decisions.

Transferring After Germanna

访问澳门威尼斯赌场的 Transfer Services page to learn more about transferring after Germanna. Explore over 45 partner colleges and universities and review Germanna’s guaranteed admission agreements.

What You'll Learn

In-Demand Skills:

  • Elements of Statistics and other math principles
  • 解决问题
  • Information literacy
  • Basics in programming and computer applications
Course Highlights
大学 Success Skills
Computer Science I

Courses may vary from semester to semester. Please consult the 大学目录 for the most up-to-date information.


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We’re thinking differently at Germanna and shaping an entirely new approach to career-focused education. Our faculty has extensive teaching experience and can break down complex concepts as you gain more knowledge of the field.
Work experience can help you identify areas of opportunity for advancement. At Germanna, education and training are available for any stage of your career.
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Technical training and career-based certificates can further develop the specific job skills you need to advance in your current job or change careers.
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Our associate degrees can prepare you for entry-level careers, professional certifications, and successful transfer to a four-year school.
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Transfer your Germanna credits to top Virginia four-year schools including UMW, 联邦, and Hampton U through our guaranteed transfer agreements.
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