Germanna+ Transfer Degrees

Save big on your college education. Two years at Germanna plus two years at a four-year school equals a smart path to completing your education. Germanna degrees are fully accredited and accepted by most Virginia schools.

Transfer Virginia Portal

Visit the Transfer Virginia Portal to create a plan, get advice and organize your transfer journey.

We're #1 in UMW transfers

Start at Germanna and complete your degree at the University of Mary Washington. Take advantage of our co-enrollment program and take up to five UMW courses while enrolled at Germanna.

How much do you save starting at Germanna?

On average, by attending Germanna, you will save $8,000 for one year of tuition and fees

Partner colleges and universities

Start your path to a four-year degree with Germanna. Explore our guaranteed transfer agreements with these partner colleges and universities.

Transfer Award

In addition to saving on the cost of your freshman and sophomore years by attending Germanna, you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 award once you transfer to a participating four-year college or university. That's a smart start to your college degree.

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